Air Raya Group is a leading business expert specialize in providing web design and graphic design services and operate online marketplace to clients around the world

  • January 20, 2016

    AIR RAYA GROUP was founded

    We started our business

  • June 01, 2016

    Web Design services were introduced

    We started offering small web design services to the public

  • February 01, 2017

    Graphic Design services will be added to our existing services

    We planned to offer Graphic Design services to the public before January 01, 2018

  • October 01, 2019

    Online marketplace will be launched before January 01, 2020

    After long journey of our business adventure, this is where we are going to be.

  • Career opportunities

    Graphic designer, Web developer & Marketing team

    Send your resume to career@airrayagroup.com