Full-time positions (not available)

Our full-time positions are currently not available but you may send your resume to us for first consideration.

We will contact you when our positions become available. Send your resume to

Freelance positions (open)

We are looking for social media management and article writer freelancers to work with us. This is not a job opportunity but a freelance opportunity where we find a client for you and we charge a small fee for our service.

1. Social Media VA

You will be required to maintain social media of our clients. Training will be provided. Send your resume to with subject "freelance opportunity" and selected applications will be invited to attend our interview and training online. You will be paid via PayPal. Depending on the package that the client choose, you will earn between $30-$100 per-month. For example, if a client choose standard social media management package, you will be paid $30 per-month. You can also set your own rates for your service if a client choose our custom social media management package.

2. Article writers and Copy writers

We pay based on the quality of the article and experience with fixed rates. Rates available are $0.01 per words (standard), $0.02 per words (business), $0.10 per words (premium) and $0.20 per words (pro). Please send a sample of your article to with subject "freelance opportunity" to determine your rates.

Email address:
Business hours
Monday-Friday: 5pm to 6pm
Saturday-Sunday: 9am to 5pm


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