Maple Learning Project

maple learning We started doing a community project Maple Learning in 2014. We wanted to create a blog where we can share student tips, resources and other important information that students need. We started with buying a domain and created a blog on, but it didn’t quite what we were looking for so we moved the blog to Wordpress and hosted it with hosting company.

After few months using a shared hosting, we found that it was difficult to update the blog without crashing it. In addition to that, the blog took a significant of time to load the pages. We didn’t have enough resources to upgrade the hosting package so we had no choice but to find another solution.

After few months researching and learning about coding, we found a solution, static website solution. We found that static website or blog will make the pages load faster than a dynamic website. However, it was not easy to learn and build a static blog the way we wanted it. Nevertheless, we slowly learned how to code and design the website step by step from Github community.

How we build maple learning project

First, we created and built maple learning website using static generator Jekyll and we hosted it on Github pages. However, Jekyll static generator was not really the one we wanted so we redesigned and built it using Hexo static generator and hosted it on Firebase. Right now, we are hosting maple learning site on Firebase though we plan to move the codes to Github and host it with Netlify in the future.

Learn more about our project

Maple learning project is a place to share information that will benefit students and future students. The website or blog is written by a group of university students, professional, and individuals who like to share their experiences and information that students need. Its mission is to encourage people or students to pursue their dreams through education.

How to help our project grow

We didn’t have adequate resources to run maple learning site. If you would like to support our project, please contribute by writing a blog post or share our blog on social media. You can also support our site by purchasing our products or services here. We offer affordable web design services for students with just $30.