What we use to power your website

Ever wonder what services we use to power your website? Here are resources that we use everyday to get your website alive on the internet.


We use github to store our codes and power some of our static websites with github pages.


Just like github, we use Bitbucket to store our codes.


Host projects and store codes.

Amazon Web Services

For larger image hosting, we choose Amazon Web Services. We can also host static website on Amazon Web Services but we prefer Github to host small static websites.

G Suite (Google Email for Work)

Email hosting solution with 30GB storage

Zoho Email

For small website, Zoho email will be perfect. They offer free one domain custom email.


Namecheap is where most domain we buy from. The domains are cheap and can get deal from them from time to time.


Shopify is where we host CMS or e-commerce website. They are very reliable.

Static Generator such as Jekyll, Hexo, Hugo etc

When we manage static website, we often use static generator such as Jekyll, Hexo and Hugo for its convenience.