Why website development is expensive

Some people may understand why website development is expensive but some people wonder why it is so expensive. We will discuss this topic on this post.


Building a website requires significant time. It starts from gathering the ideas, layout, and coding to build the actual website. It can takes from 3 days to months depending on how big the website is.

Graphics or Images

Website needs very high quality images or graphics. Images can cost from as little as $10 per image and up.
Although some customer prepare their own images but most of the time they need stock images from Shutterstock. This images or graphics alone can quite add up to the cost.

Buy custom script or build from scratch

Alot of script built by the community which means it is free to use under MIT licence. Although, some web development companies build their own custom script from scratch for specific website. This is quite time consuming. The longer they work, the higher the price will be charged.


Many customers prefer CMS website because they publish and edit their website but it often requires high maintenance and security. Maintaining CMS based is quite challenging when it comes to security.
CMS based website also needs high resources especially when the web traffic hits. It can slow down your website or break your website.
As a result, you need upgrade your hosting package. Some web development companies offer web design bundle along with the hosting and maintenance.
They bill the total cost of designing, building, hosting and maintaining your website. This alone can cost anywhere from $300 and up.

Price of web development

The price of web development varies from company to company. Static website that consists of html, js, and css can cost from $300-$500 for 5 pages while CMS based website cost from $500 and way up. Some development company charge over $10k for a website.