What we use to design your website

When we build a website we often need to gather ideas as much as we can. We start from UX design and work way up to code to make the website.

Design using Affinity Designer

We use Affinity Designer to design your website and create graphics for your site.

Affinity Photo

We use Affinity Photo to design, edit or manipulate the photos that you send.

Adobe Photoshop

Although we use Affinity Photo, we still use Photoshop too occasionally.

Adobe Illustrator

We still use Adobe Illustrator from time to time to design your graphics or logo.


We use Atom as text editor when we start writing the code.

Sublime Text

Just like Atom, sublime text is a text editor to edit the code. We use Sublime Text quite often.

CoffeeCup Software

We use CoffeeCup Software to design website though not quite often.